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west, Garlic saw a shepherd who was bathing his buffalo. So Garlic asked: "O good uncle, do you see the red shirt drifting through here? Because I have to find it and bring it home. "" Yes I saw my son. If you chase him fast, maybe you can catch him, "said the uncle." Well uncle, thank you! "Garlic said and immediately ran back down. It was getting dark, Garlic had begun to despair. Soon the night will come, and Garlic. From a distance there was a light coming from a hut by the river. Garlic immediately approached the house and knocked it. "Excuse me ...!" Garlic said. An elderly woman opens the door. "Who are you boy?" Asked the grandmother. "I'm Garlic Grandma. I was looking for my mother's shirt to float away. And now the night. May I stay here tonight? "Asked Garlic. Are the clothes you are looking for in red? "Asked the grandmother." Yes nek. Did ... grandma find it? "Asked Garlic." Yes. The clothes had been stuck

in front of my house. Honey, when I liked that shirt, "said the grandmother. "Okay I will return it, but you must accompany me here for a week. I have not talked to anyone for a long time, how? "Asks granny. Garlic thinks for a moment. The grandmother looked lonely. Garlic was pity. "Well Grandma, I will accompany my grandmother for a week, as long as my grandmother is not bored with me," Garlic said with a smile. For a week Garlic lived with the grandmother. Every day Garlic h help with my grandmother's homework. Of course the grandma was happy. Until finally even a week, the grandmother called garlic. "Son, it's been a week you live here. And I am glad that you are a diligent and filial child. For that I promise you can take your mother's clothes home. And one more, you can choose one of these two pumpkins as a gift! "Said grandma. Initially Garlic refused to be rewarded but grandma kept pushing it. Finally
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